Life Groups

We believe that being part of the church also means being in relationship with the people. It’s not very easy to build strong friendships when you’re sitting in a church service; that’s why LIFE Groups are so vital to the health of our church. We want every believer to be connected to other believers so that we can encourage one another as we move toward all that God has called each of us to be. In a Life Group you’ll find meaningful discussions based on God’s Word, friends who will pray with you, and warm hospitality. Our Life Groups meet twice a month in host homes.

Day of Week: Saturday

Location: Stixrud Residence (Forney)

Time: 6:30 PM

Leaders: J.R. Anderson

Audience: All

Type of Food: Snacks

Childcare: No- but we do have some people with children

Description: Prayer, Victory Reports, Devotion, snack, fellowship

Additional Information:

JR and Karen Anderson 972-454-4969

Fred and Christe Stixrud 214-803-9252

Day of Week: 1st and 3rd Sundays

Location: Hood Residence (Mesquite)

Time: 5 PM

Leaders: Muriel Hood

Audience: Mostly senior ages

Type of Food: meal varies

Childcare: none

Description: studying “Giants, Grapes, and Grasshoppers”

Additional Information:

972-285-1139 (home) 214-709-6270 (cell)

Day of Week: 1st & 3rd Sundays

Location: Home of Peggy Foshee and Jane Taylor (Mesquite)

Time: 3-5PM

Leaders: Peggy Foshee and Ann Scott

Audience: general

Type of Food: desserts

Childcare: none

Description: Everyone is welcome for a time of fellowship, food, and spiritual refreshing. We study the bible, take prayer requests and spend time in prayer.

Additional information;

Peggy Foshee- 214-923-4031

Day of Week: 1st & 3rd Sundays

Location: Miller Residence (Sunnyvale)

Time: 7 PM Fridays 1PM Sundays

Leaders: Jeff & Brenda Wilcox and Mark & Tammy Miller

Audience: Parents of Teens

Type of Food: Varies

Childcare: We welcome younger kids but don’t really have childcare

Description: We are currently going over a book and materials to help parents raise godly teens.

Additional Information:

Jeff and Brenda Wilcox 214-608-8244

Mark and Tammy Miller 214-243-0654

Day of Week: Friday, Saturday, or Sunday

Location: Melvin Residence (Sunnyvale)

Time: 6 PM

Leaders: Scott Melvin, Thurston Johnson

Audience: Families with young kids

Type of Food: Anything

Childcare: yes


Additional Information: 214-682-4960

Scott- 214-796-9902

Day of Week: 1st & 3rd Sundays

Location: Varied, Reese will send out location on Social Media and announcements

Time: 6-9pm

Leaders: Reese and Madison

Audience: Separated- grades 7-12 guys and 7-12 girls

Type of Food: awesome

Description: Great time for teens to connect and grow with one another.

Additional Information:

Reese Frosch: Cell 903-602-6261

Madison Chiles: Cell 972-533-2685

Day of Week: Online Community

Location: Online Community, 1 Draft Party and 1 Trophy Ceremony Wrap up

Time: During Football Season

Leaders: Clint Poncy, Mark Lawerence

Audience: Fantasy football players who are active

Type of Food: football food

Childcare: No

Description: This league will be PPR on the ESPN app. We will meet 1 time to have our draft party and 1 time to pass out the awards. There is no entry fee or cash prizes, just a lot of fun playing fantasy and talking smack about football!

Additional Information:

Clint Poncy: 469-233-3378

Mark Lawrence: 972-849-5509

Day of Week: 1st & 3rd Sundays

Location: The Poncy Residence (Forney)

Time: 6-9 PM

Leaders: Clint and Stephanie Poncy, Jason and Stephanie Lewis

Audience: Newlyweds, Young Married Couples up to 40 Years old

Type of Food: Potluck Style.  Coordinator will email menu

Childcare: yes

Description: Young Marrieds is an Awesome time of just getting together, eating, interacting, and study of how we can be better spouses, parents, lovers, stewards of money, and followers of Jesus.

Additional Information:

Clint Poncy: 469-233-3378

Stephanie Poncy: 469-230-0193

Day of Week: 1st & 3rd Sunday Nights

Location: Paola Garces Residence (Mesquite)

Time: 6-8 PM

Leaders: Maria and Raquel Castile

Audience: This is a Spanish and English Speaking life group

Type of Food: Varied

Childcare: yes

Additional Information:

Maria Castile: 214-577-4079

Raquel Castile: 972-816-9909

Day of Week: Tuesday, weekly

Location: Bull Pen Café in Forney

Time: Tuesdays 8-10am

Leaders: Dennis Shultz

Audience: Senior Men

Type of Food: Meal together at the Bull Pen Café  

Childcare: No

Description: Time of Fellowship, Food and discussion

Additional Information:

Dennis Shultz: 214-202-8356

Day of Week: 2nd Tuesday of the month

Location: Church Fellowship Hall

Time: 10-11:30 am

Leaders: Karen Anderson

Audience: Adult Women

Type of Food: Brunch Items

Childcare: yes

Description: Casual fellowship and devotion

Additional Information:

Karen Anderson: 972-814-9271

Day of Week: 1st & 3rd Sundays

Location: Frosh Residence and Resturant/Coffee house (Garland)

Time: 6-9pm

Leaders: Reese and Madison

Audience: Young Adult (18-25)

Type of Food: Coffee, Restaurant

Description: time of connection and study in the word

Additional Information:

Pastor Reese Frosch: Cell 903-602-6261

Pastor Reese-

Day of Week: 1st & 3rd Sunday Nights

Location: Juarez residence (Mesquite)

Time: 3-5:30 PM

Leaders: Leandro and Ortensia Juarez

Audience: Everyone that would like to attend

Type of Food: snacks

Childcare: yes

Additional Information:

Leandro Juarez: 214-930-1013

Day of Week: 1st & 3rd Sunday Nights

Location: Chiles residence (Garland)

Time: 3-5:30 PM

Leaders: Pastor Joe and Missy Chiles

Audience: Everyone that would like to attend

Type of Food: snacks

Childcare: yes

Additional Information:

Joe Chiles: 972-285-0163

Day of Week: Friday, Weekly

Location: Church Gym, 422 Ebrite, Mesquite

Time: 7-9 PM

Leaders: Clint Poncy

Audience: Adult teams of 5-8

Type of Food: Gatorade

Childcare: No

Description: Volleyball is the main outreach of this Life Group, our focus is to reach athletic individuals of our community, with the love and saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, as well as providing encouragement, accountability, and fellowship to people everywhere.